The Dead And SudBuried Horrorthon began life way back in 2016 in darkest Suffolk in the small market town of Sudbury as a celebration of classic horror movies. Over just one day, seven such classics were thrown back on the big screen in the intimate venue of The Quay Theatre. Taking place in a town without an actual cinema to fulfil our dream to see these movies on a big screen, the first Horrorthon was planned around a birthday so just in case it failed to bring enough horror fans obsessed enough to sit and watch non-stop horror all day long, the event could be written off as a present to ourselves!

Fortunately, a small but perfectly formed crowd came, enjoyed and endured over 13 hours of wonderful motion pictures giving birth to our very own franchise! We believe that movies should be seen on a big screen with big sound and with a crowd to be truly enjoyed which is the real reason the Horrorthon keeps coming back every year!

We returned in 2017, 2018 and 2019 bombarding a growing crowd with more classic horror movies and adding giveaways, discounts from local businesses and more! Sadly due to Covid, our 2020 was postponed but we created a virtual event to bridge the gap to 2021 using the Eventive platform and a host of brand new movies and shorts over an entire weekend!

Returning to the real world after the pandemic, we brought in our biggest crowd yet for our fifth event to watch a weekend of 7 brand new features (2 UK premieres) including Wyvern Hill, It Came From Below, Alien On Stage, Sweetie You Won’t Believe It, Tales Of The Creeping Death, Werewolf Castle and Box with 4 live Director/Cast Q&A’s following the screening, 7 classic horror movies featuring The Lost Boys, The Changeling, The Howling, Pieces, Friday The 13th, Videodrome and [•REC] with video introductions from Joe Dante, Alex Winter and Sean S Cunningham plus 24 amazing shorts from all over the world.

The huge success of Horrorthon V led to an even bigger 3 day event for Horrorthon VI in 2022 featuring 8 classics including Deep Red, The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, Return Of The Living Dead, The Fog and The Beyond, 8 festival circuit movies including The Creeping, Night Shift, Powertool Cheerleaders versus The Boyband Of The Living Dead, Do Not Disturb, The Outwaters, Super Z, Anthropophagus II, Feed Me and 19 brand new shorts plus the addition of food trucks and merchandise!

The seventh Horrorthon, Taste The Blood Of Dead And SudBuried was the biggest event to date with a bigger crowd than ever before! The 3-day event featured classics like Train To Busan, The Haunting, Death Line and Motel Hell, brand new movies Eight Eyes, Beaten To Death, How To Kill Monsters, The Moor, The Black Mass, The Pocket Film Of Superstitions, Lore and Punch and 19 new horror shorts!

In 2024, the eighth edition, The House That Dripped Dead And SudBuried: Horrorthon VIII takes place at The Quay Theatre in our delightful home town of Sudbury, Suffolk from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October featuring just a little more squeezed into 3 days of jam packed delicious hor
ror! Come and join us!

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Dead And SudBuried

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